Made in Umbria

Pocket Ham of Norcia

Price €31.82

It is the best of taste and delicacy. Made from the leanest part of the ham is particularly suited to a modern diet. It can manages to combine the best flavor and satisfaction with health needs.

Ansuinetto di Norcia

Price €9.00

The ansuinetto is a Salami medium grain, produced with selected meats of pure pork. The color is ruby uniform, with small grains of fat well distributed. The taste is characterized by a particular sweetness and delicate fragrance

Wild boar salami of Norcia

Price €9.00

Well spiced and tasty homemade salami, very thin, made with pork meat and boar expertly blended. It's a fine grain Salami, stuffed into natural casings hand tied with a  cylindrical shape of about 250 gr.

Coglioni di Mulo of Norcia

Price €9.00

This product has ancient origins. It is appreciated by those who love strong and differentflavors. It is made with fine grain dough in which is deposited a lard of pork thoroughly peppered. The average long seasoning complete this masterpiece of taste.

Palle del nonno of Norcia

Price €9.00

Stuffed Salami into natural casings with a particular shape. Pork, finely ground, are prepared according to tradition, that is, using only natural products. Aging in cellar complete their maturation.

Spreadable of Norcia

Price €13.64

Obtained from a mixture of various cuts of meat (expertly chosen from those of pork) and aged for just a week. Its softness makes it possible to use also spread on warm bread for sandwiches or toast.

Aged pecorino of Norcia

Price €18.09

Seasoned according to an ancient dairy tradition up to 24 months, so that it can acquire all the characteristics aroma and flavorof sheep milk coming from the pastures of the Nera Valley and the Apennines. This cheese will appeal to connoisseurs who prefer the determinated flavors, andit  is very suitable for combinations which enhance the contrast...

Pecorino aged under ashes

Price €18.09

Pecorino is aged under ashes following an old tradition, according to which the ash has the capacity to increase the speed of the seasoning process. The ash leaves a slight aftertaste of smoked, very pleasant to the palate, with the same persistence of the classic pecorino.

Pecorino cheese under red grape pomace

Price €18.09

The idea is to combine two of the best products that Umbria can offer: cheese and wine. The grape pomace allows the cheese to get the flavors and odors that otherwise it would not have. The freshness and the great smells are its main feature.