General Information

All descriptions and illustrations contained in this catalogue or other trade documentation belonging to I Tesori dell'Umbria have the sole purpose of providing the customer with a general overview of products and their content; they therefore shall not constitute part of the contract between I Tesori dell'Umbria and the Customer.

The pictures of products may differ from reality. Colours and images are indicative, we advise you to contact us for more information.

All prices listed not include VAT, which can be applied in accordance with Italian tax law.
Products will be invoiced at the prices indicated in the catalogue in force at the time of shipping.
I Tesori dell'Umbria will do everything possible to maintain the prices quoted in the catalogue; I Tesori dell'Umbria also reserves the right to change these prices before shipment and will promptly notify the Customer so that he may withdraw his order. In the event of price changes, delivery of the products will take place when the customer has confirmed the order at the price indicated in the communication made by I Tesori dell'Umbria.


Payments must be made in Euro.

Buy with Cart

Once you find the articles of your interest you can place your order by double-clicking on the "Buy Now" located on the page describing the product.
Add products to the cart and make the payment, if your order has been successfully completed you will receive an e-mail containing an report of the order.
If it is not available the goods ready for delivery, the trolley will keep you from buying the products are not available.

Bank transfer

This payment method is convenient for those who have an on-line account or those who want to make their payment through their bank account; once the order has been completed, please follow the procedure below:

a) the bank transfer shall be made after receiving confirmation from I Tesori dell'Umbria that the requested goods are in stock; this is to avoid unnecessary waiting due to the lack of goods in the warehouse;

b) the description of the bank transfer must indicate: the order number and the order date;

Banking practices foresee that the transfer you make will be credited to the account of the Beneficiary (I Tesori dell'Umbria) no earlier than 3-5 working days after the transfer order is made.

Your order will only be processed when we receive the bank transfer, so these banking procedure days are to be added to the standard delivery terms agreed.

Credit Cards or Paypal

In order to use this payment method, you must have a credit card issued by Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, or have a PayPal account.

To the end of order you will be redirect to PayPal platform to pay, and closed the operation.

When the transaction has been completed, the order will be classified as paid for and consignment procedures will commence.
PayPal will also send you a payment confirmation e-mail every time you use this type of transaction.

When you use the PayPal method for payments, as soon as the on-line transaction has been completed, PayPal will instantly deduct the amount for the purchase made from your Paypal account.

- If the order is cancelled, by the Customer or if I Tesori dell'Umbria does not accept the order, the relative amount will be refunded to the PayPal account or the customer’s Credit Card. The refund times for these payment methods depend entirely on PayPal and banking system timeframes. Once the refund has been made, I Tesori dell'Umbria is under no circumstances liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by refund delays which depend on Paypal or banking system procedures.

- I Tesori dell'Umbria reserves the right to request additional information from the customer (e.g. Landline phone number) to determine the actual ownership of the PayPal account or Credit Card. In the absence of the required documents, I Tesori dell'Umbria reserves the right to refuse the order.

- During the purchase procedure, I Tesori dell'Umbria is never able to gain access to information on the buyer’s credit card or other payment method chosen with the Paypal wallet. I Tesori dell'Umbria can never therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the credit card by other third parties during the payment for products purchased on the I Tesori dell'Umbria website.