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Grappa Sarpa di Poli

Grappa Sarpa di Poli


    "Sarpa" in Venetian dialect means "marc", the raw material from which grappa is obtained, the only and only distillate of marc 100% produced in Italy. Poli represents the absolute reference name for the production of this distillate, active on the market since 1898 with a very high level range, with unique products of their kind and all with a precise taste identity, to meet the needs of every type of taster, even the most demanding. This Sarpa is made from the pomace of Cabernet and Merlot, distilled with the discontinuous method and with the traditional copper alembic. White, simple and authentic, Grappa Sarpa contains the aromas of tradition without being aggressive and pungent. An excellent after meal, with taste and elegance.

    Transparent and clear color, the nose expresses delicate floral sensations of dog rose and jasmine, together with notes of geranium and mint, with vegetal sensations of cut grass and fresh notes of lemon and cedar. The taste has a great character, it is rustic and genuine, authentic, with a sincere and vigorous body that expands throughout the palate, on generous references of flowers and citrus fruits.

    ABV: 40%


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