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Barolo 'Ravera' Vietti 2019

Barolo 'Ravera' Vietti 2019


    Vietti's Barolo "Ravera" is a wine suitable for those who know how to wait: a memorable, intense and very elegant expression. It is a dense and concentrated Barolo cru, mineral, ethereal and elegant, with a very fine freshness and flavor that accompany the intense and enveloping tannins. Of great impact!

    Vietti's Barolo "Ravera" is a great expression of this monumental and unique denomination. Today the winery is American-owned, a passage that has not undermined the soul of the winery, but falls within the nature of the modern economy, aimed at diversifying and implementing its own resources to penetrate even more deeply into some markets. The historic family is represented by the innovative work, but attentive to tradition, of Alfredo Currado, oenologist and first exponent to vinify great wines from single and prestigious vineyards.

    The Ravera cru, which gives its name to this extremely elegant Barolo, is planted with Nebbiolo vines and stands on a calcareous-clayey soil facing south-west near the municipality of Novello. The vines, no longer young in age, know how to best express their bond with the land on which they live, giving life to fruits of character from which wines are born to be known over time, never to be drunk immediately.

    Barolo "Ravera" is a dense wine, obtained from long macerations, a figure that underlines the valuable care in treating the must itself, never subjected to filtrations or invasive subtractions of any kind. Wine is born from how the grapes are: its greatness is the expression that emerges from the interaction of the grapes with the environment as a whole. Even the malolactic fermentation is carried out without forcing in the barrel, waiting until the warmest spring temperatures. Finally, the wine ages for 32 months in large barrels and is then bottled without filtration.

    Barolo "Ravera" has an intense and inscrutable garnet red, but it is not with the sight that one drinks and appreciates the wine. It also takes time, it is advisable to approach this Barolo with care and anticipation. The complexity of the sensations surprises the nose: ethereal, spicy, almost dried rose, notes that refer to flour and a complex minerality; all supported by balsamic and smooth toasted fragrances. On the palate it is long and concentrated, with a fine savory freshness that accompanies and dampens the enveloping and ample tannins. Noble.


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