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Gorgona Rosso 2019 Frescobaldi

Gorgona Rosso 2019 Frescobaldi


    The Gorgona Rosso 2019 Frescobaldi is a red wine that hails from the Gorgona island off the Tuscan coast. The natural amphitheater that the island provides creates a unique flavor profile for the wine, which has notes of sun and freedom. This particular vintage is aged for 15 months in terracotta jars, adding to its distinct character.

    The Gorgona Rosso is the result of a collaboration between Frescobaldi and the Institute of Pena dell'Isola, where prisoners and winemakers work together to create a uniquely enriching experience. This work gives prisoners new skills and confidence, helping them to reintegrate into society upon their release.

    If you're looking for a red wine with a truly unique flavor profile, the Gorgona Rosso 2019 Frescobaldi is an excellent choice.

    The Gorgona Rosso 2019 Frescobaldi is a beautifully crafted red wine that features deep ruby red hues, subtle garnet reflections, and hints of small ripe red berry fruits. The nose is pleasantly greeted with notes of sweet spices and ethereal aromas, while the taste is masterfully organized between tannins and freshness, resulting in a pleasant, well-structured wine with excellent longevity. Enjoy this fantastic red wine with your next meal or special occasion!


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