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After an important research and collaboration with this small winery in Assisi, we have created 4 bottles of biodynamic wine

-Il Pellegrino, La Pace, Rosa d' Assisi & Gamay-

We had been working on this project for 4 years. The labels represent the history of Assisi and the wine represents our land and its unforgettable scents.With biodynamic and natural wine, you are getting a true reflection of what the grapes have produced, not something manipulated to appease a broad spectrum of palates. It gives a better representation of the terroir of the area.
Sangiovese, Gamay, Malvasia and Trebbiano vineyards are located between 500m and 900m above sea level, within the mountain complex
of the Umbrian Apennines and the protected area of
Monte Subasio natural reserve of Assisi.

The winery has ten hectares ofestate where
they produce wines that each year can
tell their story, within a healthy habitat that allows
vines to grow in symbiosis with nature and where
men intervene only if it is strictly necessary.

Ther vineyards are tended to following Biodynamic
principles, obtaining Organic Certification for all four
wines; vineyards and cellar operations follow lunar
phases; fermentation is spontaneous and they do not
control temperatures, leaving to Nature the freedom
of expressing herself throughoutwines.
Viticulture revolves around a complex balance of
various pedo-climatic characteristics: altitude, light,
soil and natural biodiversity, all generate a harmony
that you will find in every sip.
Less an agricultural system is modified, more
chances are that this natural vocation manifests itself.
Biodynamic agriculture is the best system that can
give us scientific-agronomic proof of this principle,
respecting the delicate balance in which we live
and integrate. Winery choice is a training system in
counter espalier with overturned guyot pruning, to
enhance the quality of tehir wines.
Wines with a unique character are born from such
rigorous respect of winemaking techniques and
processes, wines which are pure and a complex
expression of their native terroir. Yield per hectare is
very low allowing every plant to concentrate all the
nutrients in each cluster.
The production is limited to good vintages therefore,
if any of wines references does not meet our qualitative
criteria, it won’t be produced: this means that each
bottle of wine released on the market, fully reflects
estate’s mission.


Il Pellegrino  100% sangiovese garpe

This wine comes from Sangiovese vineyards located at medium-high
altitudes, with the best terrain conformation: south/east exposure and
clayey/calcareous soils, with a good presence of mountain rocks which
allows a good soil drainage, very important especially during grapes’
ripening phase, ideal conditions for Sangiovese.


 La Pace 100% sangiovese grape
La Pace contains all the characteristics of our winemaking processes and all
our vineyards donate part of their grapes, to produce a fresh, ready-to-drink
and versatile wine. Minerality, freshness and mountain aromas are qualities
that we can find in this wine, perfectly reflecting our terroir.


Gamay from Assisi
Our Gamay vineyard, called Vigna del Salice (Willow Vineyard because it has two
full grown willow trees in it), is sheltered from late frosts as this grape variety is very
vulnerable to them, due to its early bud formation. Surrounded by a wood that
protects it, still has the perfect sun exposure which allows irradiation throughout
all maturation stages giving us healthy bunches avoiding any major human
intervention with chemicals. A wine rich in fruity aromas, from red berries to earthy notes of bark, humus and
truffles, surprises with its light body and soft tannins, due to the brief barrel ageing
Rosa d' Assisi white wine from Assisi
The Bianco vineyard is a single plot of about three hectares which
flourishes around the cellar. Along the road that leads to the estate, from
a point of belvedere, you can perceive the magnificence of this vineyard:
slope gradients that in some points reach over 45%, with very long central
rows of over 200 meters and strong differences in height between the
two apexes of the rows. Trebbiano and Malvasia grape varieties make this
Bianco blend, in different percentages depending on the vintage. Soil is
mainly calcareous and rocky and spring water emerge in several points of
the vineyard: all these elements bring great minerality to this wine. 
Vinified with indigenous yeasts with a short maceration on the skins, giving
the wine a beautiful straw yellow colour, with golden reflexes.
On the nose elderflower, aromatic herbs and mineral notes stand out.
In the mouth it is delicately fruity, savoury and surprisingly persistent.


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