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Amarone 'Monte Lodoletta' Romano Dal Forno 2017 Romano Dal Forno

Amarone 'Monte Lodoletta' Romano Dal Forno 2017 Romano Dal Forno


    Romano Dal Forno's Amarone represents one of the most important and majestic wine expressions of Valpolicella. It is a great red wine, aged in barriques for 60 months. Hints of cocoa, licorice and red fruits are integrated in a soft and enveloping sip, of extraordinary complexity and infinite persistence

    Romano Dal Forno's Amarone "Monte Lodoletta" represents not only one of the most important and prestigious labels of the Valpolicella area, but also an excellence of absolute level in the broader panorama of the world of Italian wine. It is not simply an excellent Amarone, it is a great red wine that conquers for its elegance, complexity and aromatic depth. It is a splendid expression of the local tradition, interpreted in the pursuit of the best quality. The very long period of aging in barrique allows the wine to reach an expressive harmony and balance of extraordinary elegance and finesse.

    Amarone della Valpolicella "Monte Lodoletta" is one of the leading labels of Romano Dal Forno, who manages a 25-hectare estate in Val d'Illasi. The hilly area north-west of Verona has always been suited for the cultivation of red berried grapes. The calcareous lands, the mild climate influenced by the breezes of the nearby Lake Garda, constitute a perfect habitat for native vines: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The cellar is the fruit of the experience of four generations of winemakers and of the decisive meeting with Giuseppe Quintarelli, another illustrious name of the Valpolicella. From that moment on, Dal Forno's work has followed the path of the pursuit of absolute quality, with an extraordinary commitment in the vineyard to try to obtain wines that were the perfect expression of the territory and its best customs.

    The Amarone "Monte Lodoletta" wine from the famous Romano Dal Forno winery is made with a blend of grapes traditionally grown in this wonderful hilly area: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The harvest takes place with a selection in the vineyard of only perfectly ripe and healthy bunches. The grapes are placed in the loft to dry for about 4 months, so that they lose water and concentrate the aromas and sugars. The wine ages for at least 60 months in barrique before being bottled. It has a dark ruby red color. On the nose it expresses an elegant bouquet with aromas of ripe red fruit, cherry, plum, aroma of licorice root, soft spices, notes of bitter cocoa and chocolate. The sip is broad, warm and enveloping, with dense, persistent aromas and smooth tannins. The finish is long and very harmonious. Romano Dal Forno's wines are a point of reference and a beacon for the whole of Valpolicella.


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