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Marchesi Frescobaldi 'Gorgona' Bianco Toscana IGT

Marchesi Frescobaldi 'Gorgona' Bianco Toscana IGT


    The Marchesi Frescobaldi 'Gorgona' Bianco Toscana IGT is the perfect summer wine. Fruity, mineral, and savory, it is pleasant and evocative of the sea. The Costa Toscana Bianco IGT "Gorgona" by Frescobaldi is so Mediterranean that it makes you feel on holiday, thanks to the scents of thyme and rosemary, the citrus aromas, on a background of chamomile, peach and banana. It is a miracle that works even in winter, when the snow falls and the senses are asleep: put the glass to your nose, then to your ear, and hear the lapping of the sea waves.

    Gorgona is a wine that tells a story of hope and collaboration. The small island of Gorgona, off the coast of Italy, is the home of this unique wine. The vineyard from which the grapes are sourced is just one hectare in size, and the grape varietals used are vermentino and ansonica. The wine is made in organic farming conditions, and the production process involves close collaboration between the winemakers at Frescobaldi and the di Pena community on Gorgona.

    This partnership is much more than just a business arrangement - it's an exchange of skills, knowledge, and experiences. For the di Pena community, it's an opportunity to learn new professional skills and to gain hope for a better future. And for the Frescobaldi team, it's a chance to deepen our understanding of this special island and its people.

    The result is a wine that is full of character and soul. It's perfect for those who appreciate quality wines with a story behind them. So next time you're looking for something special to share with friends or family, reach for a bottle of Gorgona - it will surely make your occasion even more memorable!


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