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Keir Bianco Tua Rita Toscana

Keir Bianco Tua Rita Toscana


    Critics have scored this wine 95 points. Inzolia (or Ansonica) is an Italian grape variety grown in both Sicily and Tuscany. Wine is more than just a drink; it’s a sensory experience that can transport you to the vineyards where it was made. If you’re a wine enthusiast and are always on the lookout for new tastes and experiences, today we want to introduce you to Keir Ansonica, a wine produced by Tua Rita, a family business in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany. Keir Ansonica is a limited production wine that comes from a traditional Tuscan vine, and that has a unique taste due to its process of vinification in amphorae.

    One of the unique features of Keir Ansonica is that it is neither clarified nor filtered. This means that this wine maintains its natural color, aroma, and flavor, creating a notable difference during the tasting process. The wine has a good structure and a marked sapidity, which are distinctive characteristics thanks to the process of fermentation in amphorae that started in 2016 with the red berried Keir. It is a label that contributes to the evolution of vinification techniques, and it's faithful to the Tuscan tradition while giving a new twist.

    Tua Rita's Keir Ansonica is kept in an elegant burgundy bottle, holding just around 2,000 bottles. It’s a limited production, making the wine even more special and exclusive. The alcohol content of Keir Ansonica is at 11°, which adds to its unique taste. It’s neither too high nor too low, making it an ideal wine for a variety of occasions.

    To taste this wine, you must follow a well-defined progression that brings all its aromas and flavors to life. Once you decant this natural wine, you will find a perfect harmony among the fruity aromas, white and yellow flowers, and the distinctive "sea notes." Thanks to the unique taste of Keir Ansonica, it’s an excellent companion for a wide range of delicate dishes. Its pairing potential is versatile: from seafood risotto to grilled white meat plates and even with a dessert based on local fruit, such as a ripe Tuscan peach or plum.




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