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Ripasso Valpolicella rosso superiore

Ripasso Valpolicella rosso superiore


    Grapes are native: corvina 35%, corvinone 35%, rondinella 25%, molinara 5%.
    This wine is a red with great character that will please all wine drinkers.
    Excellent as an aperitif but also to accompany
    Amarone risotto, roasts, grilled meats, boiled meats, game, mature cheeses.
    The Ripasso DOC production area covers the entire foothills of the province of Verona, extending onto Lake Garda. The area is made up of a series of valleys and hills, which enter the plain drawing the shape of a hand and which have some common characteristics typical of Valpolicella, where the climate and soil play a fundamental role. The technique of passing the wine over the pomace derives from an ancient custom of Valpolicella winemakers. After vinification, the Valpolicella wine is stored to be subsequently subjected to the practice of refermentation for 10/15 days on the residual pomace of Amarone della Valpolicella and thus becomes Valpolicella Ripasso. The contact time between the pomace and the wine must be short, to allow the tannins present in the seeds to pass into the wine and give greater tannins. After vinification, Valpolicella Ripasso is left to refine in wooden barrels and then bottled before being put on the market, no earlier than 2 years after the harvest. This technique gives the wine an increase in terms of alcohol content and polyphenolic substances: this translates into a unique product in the world with a large body, a marked roundness and excellent longevity.


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