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Ludemio Olio toscano

Ludemio Olio toscano

    In the medieval period, the name 'Laudemio' meant the part of the harvest reserved for the owner of the land; today the Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, signed by Frescobaldi, represents the maximum excellence in the area, with attention to every detail. The harvest always takes place before the ripening of the olives, so that all the properties remain intact and the pressing does not go beyond 24 hours from the harvest. Frescobaldi has its own oil mill, in order to guarantee the entire production chain; subsequently Laudemio is filtered and tasted by a commission of experts who evaluate its suitability.

    Brilliant and particularly clear emerald green color, the nose has green aromatic tones of artichoke and cut grass and an intense, pleasantly spicy, characteristic taste with a long fruity persistence.

    A raw thread on the classic pappa al pomodoro, on carpaccio of meat and fish and on a rustic panzanella.

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