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How do we Italians celebrate Christmas and its holidays?

How do we Italians celebrate Christmas and its holidays?

Italian Christmas is a special and magical time. December is the month when the holiday spirit is truly felt in the Bel Paese. streets are decorated with red and green details, huge Christmas trees appear in main squares, and people hurry across the streets with packages in their hands. This is the time when bagpipers play Christmas melodies all around and Babbo Natale give candies to the children. The atmosphere is truly magical and festive. Italian Christmas is one of the most important holidays in my country. Although there are some common traits, the magic of Natale is different all over the world. If you want to experience and discover how we Italians celebrate it, just keep reading. You will come up with some clues you may not know about Italian Christmas. 
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Thanksgiving: Italian wine is a good gift!

Thanksgiving: Italian wine is a good gift!

Stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce. Choosing the wine to go with your Thanksgiving dinner seems like an impossible task.
But in Italy there are many labels that seem to have been created specifically to celebrate this day. The menu has many flavors - intensely salty, sour, very sweet - but don't worry. Italy has such a vast and varied culinary tradition that in each region there are wines that are well suited to those particular flavors.
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Why visit Assisi?

Why visit Assisi?

Assisi, a town in Umbria known for its strong connection to the Franciscans.

The spellbinding town of Assisi stands on the western slope of Monte Subasio, whose pink colored stones were used to build many Franciscan buildings; famous all over the world for being the place where St. Francis and St. Clare were born in 1181-1182 and 1193-1194, it is also home to the mother church of the Franciscan Order: the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

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