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Thanksgiving: Italian wine is a good gift!

di Corrado Alimenti sopra September 22, 2022
Thanksgiving & Italian Wines
Stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce. Choosing the wine to go with your Thanksgiving dinner seems like an impossible task.
But in Italy there are many labels that seem to have been created specifically to celebrate this day. The menu has many flavors - intensely salty, sour, very sweet - but don't worry. Italy has such a vast and varied culinary tradition that in each region there are wines that are well suited to those particular flavors.
Here is our wine selection  for your Thanksgiving :
- Nebbia Rosè champagne excellent sparkling rosè champagne to start your Thanksgiving holidays.
-L'Emozione Grachetto and Pinot grigio blend lovely refreshing white wine. 
-Unico Bianco for people who prefer oak structured white wine. This chardonnay and grechetto blend is delicious. 
- Unico Rosso we chose this special bland made from cabernet frank, merlot and cabernet sauvignon; because its softness and elegance perfectly accompany both sweet and savory dishes. You can choose to accompany your meal but also wine can be drunk as an aperitif or after dinner. Awesome!
- Kairos Zyme such unique red wine from Veneto region made with 15 different grapes varietas, if you want to make your meal even more unique and special with this lovely red wine all will be satisfied.
- Assisi Rosso sangiovese wine. Sangiovese is a grape celebrated as one of the most friendly-food wine from  Italy. Our big recommendation. Sangiovese is always an excellent eqasy solution for celebrations and holidays.
- Amarone della Valpolicella Lussurioso an explosion of taste ... the taste is soft and sweet, rich and with a creamy and intense finish.
- 25 Anni Sagrantino Montefalco 2018  dry red wine for wine drinkers who love complex, full, dry italian red wines. Definitely the wine to savor with your turkey.
-Pinot Noir Castello della Sala classic traditional Thansgiving wine.
-Malcompare Pinot Noir 100% a unique wine with its scent of cherry and black cherry, white pepper spice with mineral notes that satisfies all palates.
Thanksgiving is around the corner and many of you have asked for wine recommendations for this glorious holiday. We have thought of a particular combination that satisfies different palates, as they can be the perfect companion for a long evening of classic autumn dishes.
To order wine for your Thanksgiving we recommend to cocnlude your orders by October 10th so we can be sure your selection will arrive on time. We remain at your complete disposal to choose the best wines to accompany your menu. From today until October 10 it is possible to make an appointment with us for a video call to discuss your menu and the wines to match. For book your appointment please replay to this email.


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