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Payment methods

  • All prices available at the Enoteca Tesori dell 'Umbria include Italian VAT
  • Any price per item is subject to change
  • The prices are those shown at the Enoteca Tesori dell 'Umbria at the same time as the order is placed
  • In case of errors on the functioning of the website, the management can exercise the right to refuse the sale of some products
  • The purchased items must be paid at the same time as the order through one of our payment methods: Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Each order is released with its legal invoice

Payments by bank transfer (only for registered users): the delivery of the ordered items will be made only after verification of this payment and after checking our bank account. To speed up the processing, please send a copy of the payment by e-mail.

Bank transfer information:
The description of the payment to be shown on the bank transfer is as follows: name and surname of the buyer and date of the order. The bank transfer will be displayed after 3-5 working days from the day of payment.

The data for the bank transfer:
E’ Pizza srl, Tesori dell’ Umbria shop
IBAN: IT08F0103038280000063203955



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