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Valpolicella Superiore 'Monte Lodoletta' Romano Dal Forno 2017 Romano Dal Forno

Valpolicella Superiore 'Monte Lodoletta' Romano Dal Forno 2017 Romano Dal Forno


    Valpolicella Superiore "Monte Lodoletta" is a red wine with an extraordinary taste-olfactory impact. It comes from a very suitable vineyard, it is vinified in steel and aged for 36 months in new barriques. It expresses itself with power and aromatic complexity: ripe fruit, spices and dried fruit in a soft, full-bodied and engaging sip, with solid tannins and a long fruity finish.

    The Valpolicella Superiore "Monte Lodoletta" by Romano Dal Forno is to be counted among the best labels of this famous hilly area, which extends north-west of the city of Verona. It is the fruit of a selection of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, which come from a single vineyard, historically known as one of the most suitable on the estate. Romano dal Forno is a true legend of Valpolicella and has given life to such extraordinary wines as to have entered the Olympus of producers, acclaimed by critics from all over the world. Trying one of his wines is an unforgettable experience. Dal Forno's Valpolicella Classico Superiore is a masterpiece of elegance, harmony and power. Simply perfect.

    The olfactory profile opens on aromas of cherry and ripe red fruit, notes of dried fruit, memories of noble woods and spices. On the palate it has a good structure, with a harmonious sip, a fine tannic texture and a balanced finish, with a long and fruity finish. A true legend in red, to savor the true soul of Valpolicella!


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