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Grappa Po' di Poli Morbida Poli

Grappa Po' di Poli Morbida Poli


    Very soft italian grappa.
    Perfectly recognizable even for less experienced palates, this grappa is characterized by important aromatic notes, typical of the grapes from which the marc comes: Moscato. After numerous attempts Jacopo Poli has finally managed to create the soft grappa of his dreams, thanks to the wise tradition of the family and a pinch of courage, which has always characterized the most successful enterprises; this grappa is a must for lovers of the genre, perfectly balanced between the sweetness of the aromas and the power of tasting, an adorable combination of elegance and refinement that has always made it a favorite among Italians.

    Crystalline and clear, it presents the characteristic and unmistakable aromas of ripe yellow fruit, apple, peach and banana, together with delicate and important sensations of orange blossom, as well as sweet hints of vanilla and melted butter. The gustatory impact is wide, enveloping and tasty, important in structure and soft in the continuous gentle references of orange blossom, in a very precise and persistent finish of hazelnut and buttery notes.

    ABV: 40%


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