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Pinot grigio grechetto bland

Pinot grigio grechetto bland


    L'Emozione is a truly unique and special wine. Hailing from the picturesque central Italian region, this beautiful wine is crafted from local grapes to create a Giallo paglierino intenso with stunning golden hues. On the nose it delivers rich and elegant aromas of white fruit, banana, peach, pineapple and sweet vanilla and buttery notes, with delicate hints of coconut and white chocolate. On the palate it is refined, with a beautiful fresh and fruity flavour and lovely citrus acidity; the finish is long and very persistent. It is an excellent choice for enjoying with creamy risottos or dishes with truffles, fish in sauces or roast meats, as well as aged cheeses. A truly outstanding wine that is sure to delight any connoisseur!


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