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Riesling from Assisi

Riesling from Assisi


    Within the Bianco vineyard, there are also a dozen rows of Riesling, renown grape

    variety original from the cold regions of Germany and France. These rows were

    planted with a very low density and a yield per plant of a couple of clusters each:

    selection starts from the early flowering stages, so the vine can convey all strengths

    and nutrients only to the selected bunches. Our soil rich in minerals, together with

    strong daily temperature excursions - even during summer months - and absence

    of humidity, made us bold enough to to create a pure Riesling wine, which is

    anomalous for Central Italy, but with the characteristic aromatic notes and marked

    acidity of the great Riesling from the North. A complete and sophisticated wine, rich in typical aromas of this grape variety, from
    white fruits and citrus to the more complex such as petrol. Our soil gives this wine
    the right minerality that we can find in the glass as an aroma of chalk and slate. The
    few clusters per plant and the optimal exposure of the vines lead to full ripeness of
    the grapes with the result of a sustained alcohol content.


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